Home Accessories-1 Throws & Pillows

Throws and pillows are beautiful home accessories.  I love the pillows placed on sofas.  They completely change the look of the room.  A sofa looks different when you add colorful pillows that match well with the room color scheme.  Pillows turn the space from cold and monotone into warm and inviting.


Image credit: Houzz

On the back of a chair, a throw makes a big difference!  It adds texture and movement. In offices, throws create a great effect and keep the formal look too.  This piece of fabric made of wool, cotton or linen thrown over a chair looks elegant.


Image credit: Houzz

Look at this photo which I like so much.  It’s a chair in a Therapist office.  I love the nice words and affirmations written on the pillows placed on the chair: courage, heal, safety, balance, love,…  What I really love about this pillow, other than being a decorative element, is the motivational function of using these words!

Decorate your space with love!


Image credit: hopeandhealingnow.com


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