Bedroom concept

In the place of dreams, where I enter after a long work day to relax and to feel the calm and comfort, I let my imagination run to come up with this bedroom mood board.


Skyline Tufted Nail Button Wingback Headboard in Velvet Buckwheat

Image credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

At first, when I talk about bedroom, it comes to my mind the bed as it’s the focal point in the room.  The upholstered headboard in cream colored fabric is soft and buttons gives the bed more elegance.

In my point of view, pastel color for wall paints, curtains, bed frame is a good color selection to create a relaxing atmosphere. But it’s essential to add a fresh look to the space by using an extra color for accessories to break the monotony of pastel colors.  An armchair in yellow fabric can create this effect.  It’s a nice piece of furniture for reading, relaxing and clearing our mind.

A touch of orange and yellow in framed pictures, pillows and art work makes a balance and gives the room a pretty look. I also love the wooden floor effect.  It’s irreplaceable, natural, rich and warm.

To get in a good mood at home, make your imagination colorful!

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