For the love of flowers…

It’s the best time of the year, I love the festive atmosphere of December.  Everything is dressed in red, the lively energetic color.

Throughout this month, the traditional Christmas flowering plants Poinsettia are found everywhere.  I picked up one from the flower shop and wrapped the pot with green paper, bought from a craft shop.  It gives a different look.   I used a golden ribbon around the green paper to add an extra color.  Then, I put it on a red rug to complete the festive look.  It’s warm enough for winter time!

When we talk about flowers, it’s important to use greenery as it adds texture and movement.  For the color scheme, red is the complementary color of green.  So pairing red and green is good to get a pretty look and to catch the eyes with a mix and match textures. Most of us have plants in our homes.  It might be randomly set in any place in the room.  I gathered some plants I have at home with Poinsettia flower.  Little details can make difference!

In a corner in the living room, I chose a table to set the flowers.  I put both of Poinsettia and greenery in red tins.  I had many ideas to play with the red and green colors.  I put a green craft paper on the table and arranged the flower tins on it. I also covered the table with a red fabric sheet and combined the greenery.

I believe that the balance of the flowers arrangement is very important to get a great result.  It’s not necessary to make a symmetrical arrangement.  The best is to see the flowers beautiful from different angles.

Flowers bring life and color to home!



My first blog post, Interior Design and Décor

I just entered the world of blogging.  Few months ago, I got into the habit of writing my journal on a regular basis which becomes a part of my daily routine.  It is a picture of my life.  I love it!

Since I am an Architect, passionate of interior design and home décor, I thought it is time to create my own blog.  I decided to turn my hobby of writing my daily journal into a blog of interior design.  This will help me figure out new ways towards my passion. I really believe in this wonderful quote:  “Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession” Gabrielle Bernstein

I consider that interior design is the art of organizing spaces to be in harmony and balance with colors, lighting and furniture.  I would love to share my inspirations on interior design and décor to make home feel comfortable, warm and more inviting.

Let’s start to observe our surroundings to create an environment which evokes positive emotions.  Welcome to Ambiance Déco !


Image from Pexels


Home Accessories-1 Throws & Pillows

Throws and pillows are beautiful home accessories.  I love the pillows placed on sofas.  They completely change the look of the room.  A sofa looks different when you add colorful pillows that match well with the room color scheme.  Pillows turn the space from cold and monotone into warm and inviting.


Image credit: Houzz

On the back of a chair, a throw makes a big difference!  It adds texture and movement. In offices, throws create a great effect and keep the formal look too.  This piece of fabric made of wool, cotton or linen thrown over a chair looks elegant.


Image credit: Houzz

Look at this photo which I like so much.  It’s a chair in a Therapist office.  I love the nice words and affirmations written on the pillows placed on the chair: courage, heal, safety, balance, love,…  What I really love about this pillow, other than being a decorative element, is the motivational function of using these words!

Decorate your space with love!


Image credit:

Bedroom concept

In the place of dreams, where I enter after a long work day to relax and to feel the calm and comfort, I let my imagination run to come up with this bedroom mood board.


Skyline Tufted Nail Button Wingback Headboard in Velvet Buckwheat

Image credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

At first, when I talk about bedroom, it comes to my mind the bed as it’s the focal point in the room.  The upholstered headboard in cream colored fabric is soft and buttons gives the bed more elegance.

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Time is Now

In this beautiful winter weather, with the fresh smell of cold, the sun is hiding behind a cotton pile. The sun rays give a feeling of warmth. I was sitting with an old friend in a café.  It caught my eyes a lovely clock hanged on a column in front of our table.  Regardless of the dark colors of the walls which I don’t like so much, I love the time indicated on the clock: TIME IS NOW

It inspires me and brings joy to my heart! I realized that NOW is a good time to put my goals on a list in the beginning of the year.

So what are you willing to do NOW?

My living room idea


This is my arrangement for furniture in the living room. I just wanted to create a cozy atmosphere.  I used armchairs on both side of the sofa.  The asymmetrical look appear in using the lamp, art work and side table.  In my point of view, this asymmetrical arrangement makes the room feel more casual.

I decided to use pastel colors to give the walls warmth. I chose the red fabric for the armchairs upholstery to create movement and vitality. And the beige sofa for more calm and relaxation.

I love the wooden floor in a living room. It adds richness and comfort. Wood has a great effect in any space.